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Japan Veterinary Medical Association

"The First 24-hour Veterinary Emergency"
Hospital in Japan (Since 1977)

We are open and fully staffed for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Doctors and nurses are always on site to monitor patients,
and your pets are never left alone.

We were the first veterinary hospital with 24 hour emergency care service in Japan.

Mitaka Veterinary Medical Group is a full service,24 hour emergency service animal hospital serving Musashino City in the suburbs of the Tokyo region.

We treat a wide variety of companion animals, including dogs, cats, caged birds, wild birds, raccoons, iguanas, rabbits, tortoises, monkeys, skunks, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, hedgehogs, panda mice, ferrets, prairie dogs, guinea pigs, squirrels, etc.

We will provide urgent care for any animal presented 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We're proud to be celebrating more than 27 years of providing loving and quality care for your pets of all kinds!

Our goal is to provide superior veterinary care and veterinary medicine with friendly and compassionate care.


We offer

24-Hour Emergency Services
Trauma care
Intensive care
Post-operative care/monitoring
Blood and plasma transfusion
hn-house laboratory
Overnight care
Digital x-ray
Oxygen therapy

Specialty Care-Internal Medicine
Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation
Management of complex disease processes
Hospitalization and intensive care
Full-service endoscopy
Laparoscopic liver biopsy
Bone marrow, CSF and joint aspirates
Feeding tube placement

Specialty Care-Radiology
In-house CT scan
Urethral stenting

Specialty Care-Surgery
Minimally invasive surgery including laparoscopy surgery
Thoracic surgery
Abdominal surgery
Neurologic surgery
Oncologic surgery
Skin and reconstructive surgery

Specialty Care-Oncology
Advanced cancer diagnostics
Diagnostic Imaging
Biopsies of masses, internal organs, or bone marrow
Surgical consultation
Latest in cancer treatment options
Palliative treatment of cancer associated pain

Norihiro Komiyama
Norihiro Komiyama

Dr.Norihiro.Komiyama DVM,MS.
JAHAiJapanese Animal Hospital Association)Certified Veterinary Internist


Address & Telephone
--Mitaka Veterinary Medical Group--

Appointments 8:45am - 8:30pm
Walk-ins 9:00am - 8:00pm
Emergencies 8:00pm - 9:00am
Retail Hours 9:00am - 8:00pm

Please call for an appointment if you can.
2-6-4 Nakamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
180-0006 Tel(0422) 54-5183 Fax(0422) 54-5537

--Niiza Veterinary Medical Group--
We are open every day from 10AM to 1PM & 3PM to 7PM
Please call for an appointment if you can.
4-10-21 Kurihara, Niiza-shi, Saitama-ken
352-0035 Tel(0424)25-0775 Fax(0424)25-0766

--Japan Vetfs Group & Dr. Komiyamafs Office--
2-6-4 Nakamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
180-0006 Tel(0422)-54-6922 Fax( 0422)-54-5537