What is the EBVM ? (Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine)

Recently, human medicine dictates that when that illness is diagnosed and treated, it is based on scientific evidence.

This is called EBM-Evidence Based Medicine (medical diagnosis and treatment based on evidence).

Of course this applies to the Veterinary medical treatment as well. It is called EBVM (Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine) when referring to veterinary medicine.

EBVM (Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine)

There is a variety of information (e.g., reports of academic meetings, journals, documents) regarding veterinary medicine that is considered trustworthy.There is also what is called ‘tendency information’ (For example, ‘a dog caught a cold.’) which isn't considered trustworthy.

Though the owner himself cannot make those judgments, it is based on the best medical -EBVM information that exists within veterinary medicine.

As for the decision of the veterinary medical treatment (based on EBVM), we refer to the treatments mentioned in documents regarding veterinary medicine (which continues to be revised in each field) as well as special academic meetings, and journals in order to determine the cure. This is EBVM.

Human medical EBM, based on the reliability of that basis, is divided into five steps:

Reliability 1 ・・・・・・ The conclusion of the result of large-scale clinical trials
Reliability 2 ・・・・・・ The conclusion of the result of small-scale clinical trials
Reliability 3 ・・・・・・ The conclusion of the research announcement of speciality magazines
Reliability 4 ・・・・・・・A so-called opinion of the authority and the the group
Reliability 5 ・・・・・・・A specialist's personal opinion

When these principles are misinterpreted,, this puts emphasis on the side effect of steroid medicine, which is the typical illness of the atopy business, which, in human medical science, doesn't improve easily.”There is no side effect in medicine of our company,” and “There is no side effect in my method”, is sometimes said regarding chronic disease.

The difficulty in the medical treatment is in seriously understanding its complexity because not all medical treatment is based only on this criteria. Medical treatment cannot exist without medical science. However, there is always an exception.

The exception that never exists with medical treatment is the that death surely comes to the human animal later on.

For example, it is said that the malignant cancer can have a natural cure (It gets well naturally.) It is known that 1 in 1000 people can be cured naturally, and it seems to prove that it acts on that illness like "Sickness happens from the mind"which may be said with the modern medical treatment, as well.

Therefore, it is difficult to fully understand medical treatment at the incumbent stage.

"EBVM is the No 1 priority for our practice"

Therefore, it is our top priority to implement EBVM, as it is the most trusted standard available.