"Our regular office hours"

Time is valuable and we understand how busy your daily schedule is.

Mitaka Veterinary Medical Group

Appointments 8:45am - 8:30pm
Walk-ins 9:00am - 8:00pm
Emergencies 8:00pm - 9:00am
Retail Hours 9:00am - 8:00pm



We are open every day of the week.
In addition, we provide 24 hour emergency service.

Niiza Veterinary Medical Group

Office hours are 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, & 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm every day of the week .
*Unfortunately at this time,Niiza does NOT provide 24 hour emergency service.

"Do I need to make an Appointment ?"

We recommend that you make an appointment if possible. We accept walk-ins, however, be advised that there may be a wait, particularly during busy times.

Japan Vet's group of Fully Equipped Hospital.

・ 24 hour emergency service available
・ Routine physical exams
・ Vaccinations and preventive medicine
・ Routine & Major Surgery & Special Surgery
・ Critical care available including blood gas
・ In-house radiology
・ In-house laboratory such as blood screening
・ In-house thoracic ultrasound and abdominal ultrasound
・ In-house flexible gastrointestinal endoscopic surgery
・ In-house flexible gastrointestinal endoscopy
・ Transfusion for dogs and cats
・ Full in-house diagnosis and treatment for: laboratory testing
・ Isolation Room
・ Full line of basic and prescription diet
・ Competent and caring hospital staff
・ Boarding
・ Grooming
・ Dental
・ Cancer treatment
・ Dermatologic disorders
・ Wide range of diseases
・ Heart conditions
・ Intestinal illness
・ Ocular problems
・ Urinary Tract disorders
・ Many other medical Conditions.
・ All species and breeds (please contact us first)
・ 48 single occupancy units
・ Favorite toys, beds, and/or treats are encouraged to to be brought in
・ Geriatric care
・ Reproductive services
・ In-home medical care advice
・ Early spaying and neutering.


All payments are due when services are rendered We accept the following forms of payment:

・ Cash
・ MasterCard
・ Visa
・ JCB etc.

Japan Vet's Group has about 10 Veterinarians, 8 VTs, a manager,
and a number of full-time professional staff.

Japan Vet's Group is dedicated to continuing training and improve our staff.

We hold regular meetings and the training sessions with our staff.

All of our members are attend continuing education on a regular basis.
Our goal is to provide the cutting edge medicine and excellent service to our clients and their pets.
We are not simply satisfied with achieving the highest standards of our occupation, but aim to go beyond those standards.

If your pet is in crisis, do not hesitate to bring your pet. Our hospital accepts emergencies in critical cases. We also accept patients during the regular veterinarian's office hours.

If your pet is suffering from a critical illness such as, being hit by a car, trauma (injury), puncture wounds, acute heart failure, chronic kidney failure, diabetes distress, respiratory distress, or ingestion of toxins, please consult us.
Some suggestions when bringing your pet to the hospital.

Dog, Cat
・ Miniature dog : Put in a carry bag.
・ Strong dog : A safety measure such as a muzzle.
・ Cat :Put in a carry bag.

・ Cage bird : Bring inside the cage, if possible.
・ Wild bird : Put in a safe cage.

Exotic Pets
・ Raccoon :Put in a cage, carry bag, and so on.
・ Iguana : Put in a safe carry bag and so on.
・ Rabbit : Put in a cage, carry bag, and so on.
・ Tortoise :Put in a water tank and so on.
・ Monkey :Use a strong lead and so on. Make sure the collar and lead are safely secured.
・ In such cases as a skunk : Put in a safe carry bag and so on.
・ Gerbils : Bring it in a cage.
・ Ostrich : Contact us in advance as it varies in the ※ size
・ Chinchilla : Bring it in the cage If possible.
・ Hamster : Put in a cage, carry bag, and so on
・ Hedgehog : Bring it in the cage If possible.
・ Panda mouse : Bring it in the cage.
・ Ferrets: put in safe carry bag and so on.
・ Prairie Dogs : put in the cage, carry bag, and so on.
・ Flying squirrel : Bring it in the cage If possible.
・ Guinea pig : Put in a cage, carry bag, and so on.
・ Squirrel : Bring it in a cage.

The Pet Hotel: accepting pets any time, 24 hours a day!

There are often times, due to sudden circumstances (ceremonies, funerals, etc.), that you will need to board your pet. Mitaka Veterinary Group is now offering a pet hotel service, accepting pets 24 hours a day, to suit your needs. The service is offered by the Musashino Animal Emergency Center of Mitaka Medical Group. You can rest assured that your pets will never be left alone.

While as a general rule, a pet hotel reservation should be booked in advance, Mitaka Veterinary Group will accept pets without a reservation, even at night. However, if at all possible, we request that you make arrangements in advance by phone. Please understand, if you are planning a night time drop-off (8:00 PM~9:00 AM), there will be additional fees. If the time of the check-out varies from the reservation, the price charged will be for the actual time spent.

The pet hotel is operated by the nursing staff of the Musashino Animal Emergency Center, day and night. In the event of an emergency, the staff is fully capable of performing medical care 24 hours a day.

Our hospital’s pet hotel night reception service is attended to by the nursing staff of the "Musashino Animal Emergency Center" 24 hours a day.
The veterinarians and nursing staff of the“Musashino Animal Emergency Center” provide emergency care 24 hours a day.

● 9:00 to 20:00: 0422-54-5181 (representative)
● 20:00 ~ 9:00 the next morning: 03-5418-8961 (call center)

In the event of a natural disaster, the hotel may be unable to accept more pets. In such a situation, please confirm in advance.

~Musashino Animal Emergency Center of Mitaka Veterinary Group