Your pet is your familyfs treasured friend.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing high quality, Compassionate veterinary medicine & health care for your pet.

Our goal is to become the premier provider of quality veterinary medical and ancillary pet care.

We welcome you and your pet and provide excellent veterinary medicine & care in a compassionate and professional environment.

Emergency service will be provided at any time of the day or night.
We care about your pets health as much as you do.

Our goal is to provide superior veterinary care and veterinary medicine in a friendly and compassionate manner.

Our doctors and staff are actively participating in continuing education seminars, and we respect the human animal bond.

Small animal medicine has accomplished remarkable progress over the past several years.
The animals we have called epetsf for so long have melted into our lives, and these days we refer to them as ecompanion animalsf, considering them members of the family.

We strive to provide an animal hospital which values the human-animal bond.

Our role is protecting the health of the companion animal, not only treatment, but also prevention. We understand just how important health is to a pet owner.

Our patients cannot speak a human language. Although we can infer an animalfs condition by its appearance or movement, an explanation by a petfs owner is indispensable.

Much like pediatric medicine, the knowledge of the field of psychiatry is also necessary to ease the mind of a concerned caretaker.

At the Japan Veterinary Medical Group, we aim to provide the best possible care according to the high standards of todayfs veterinary medicine, while also respecting the feelings and opinions of the pet owner.
We believe that, as with any medical treatment, communication (volitional understanding) between medical professionals and patients (or in this case, pet owners) should be treated with the utmost most importance.

Dr,Norihiro.Komiyama DVM,MS.
JAHAiJapanese Animal Hospital Association)Certified Veterinary Internist