Our goal is to provide superior veterinary care and veterinary medicine in a friendly and warm environment. Our doctors and staff actively participate in continuing education seminars to ensure that your pet receives the topmost, up-to-date care possible. In addition, it is our priority to respect human-animal bond.

Small animal medicine has accomplished remarkable progress over the past several years. The animals we have called epetsf for so long have melted into our lives, and these days we refer to them as ecompanion animalsf, considering them members of the family.

Our animal hospital is ever mindful to value the human-animal bond.

Our role is protecting the health of the companion animal, not only treatment, but also prevention. We understand just how important health is to a pet owner.

Our patients cannot speak a human language. Although we can infer an animalfs condition by its appearance or movement, an explanation by a petfs owner is indispensable.

Much like pediatric medicine, the knowledge of the field of psychiatry is also necessary to ease the mind of a concerned caretaker. At the Japan Veterinary Medical Group, we aim to provide the best possible care according to the high standards of todayfs veterinary medicine, while also respecting the feelings and opinions of the pet owner.

We believe that, as with any medical treatment, communication (volitional understanding) between medical professionals and patients (or in this case, pet owners) should be treated with the utmost importance.

We would like to foster an environment of open communication within our hospital, so we encourage you to please not hesitate to let your opinion be known.

"The activity Japan Vet's group consists of three sections.. "

Hospital section
We provide 24 hour emergency service & treatment on the basis of examination, which all personnel put into practice.We place a strong importance on prevention and aim to use the best possible diagnostic methods to cure, using scientific, evidence-based medicine.

Information Technology section
The research result of the preventing method, the diagnostic method, and cure for the newest veterinary medicine is collected & evaluated. Passing along the newest information to the owners and the veterinarians is considered to be the highest role of this hospital.

Educational section
It is quite important that education for any generation changes people. In order to perform superior Veterinary medicine, There are three important matters to consider:
œ Encouraging talented people
œ Medical technology
œ Medical apparatus

We are proud of our hospitalfs first-line, advanced medical equipment.
For acquisition of advanced medical technology or medical apparatus, education is important. The university level, clinical education present in our country is currently inadequate. In order to compensate, we direct extra energy towards education in order to improve the nationfs Veterinary medicine.

"Training is very important for veterinary medical workers"

This hospital trains people not only domestically, but internationally as well.
We believe it is our important role to educate veterinary medicine to the younger generation, including the veterinarians, and the entire veterinary staff.

We sincerely hope that you understand our stated mission and objectives in the field of Veterinary Medicine.
We will do our best to provide excellent veterinary medicine.
Thank you for your cooperation.

" We provide a family environment for your pets"

When you bring your pet to our hospital, you are entrusting the health of a family member to the doctors and staff. At Japan Vet's Group, we understand the important role that pets play in our lives and we take pride in providing the highest quality medical care in a friendly, family environment.

" We treat your pets just like our own pets, with gentle hands"

From dogs and cats, to birds, pocket pets, reptiles and amphibian, all our patients are treated as we treat our own pets: with great compassion and gentle hands.

" Very important relationship, based on communication"

In a matter of speaking, your pet is like your child. As such, the relationship between pet owner and veterinarian is paramount, based on mutual trust and communication.